We have been providing professional tennis coaching services for more than five years and over that time we have been delighted to receive excellent feedback from our clients.

We are extremely grateful to everyone who has taken the time to contact us to share their thoughts on our coaching services. You can read our client comments and reviews here.

“Albert has been teaching a small group of our 3 and 4 year olds for nearly two years now. The children really enjoy his lessons and look forward to them each week. He is reliable and punctual and his lessons are fun and engaging.”
Lucinda Byron Evans
Young England Kindergarten

“We have known Albert for 13 years. Initially he was coaching us and now he is coaching our 6 children. He is an excellent coach who is very meticulous at establishing good technique. Albert is very passionate about tennis and works extremely hard with adults as well as children. His tennis camps are superb! Albert makes it fun while concentrating on developing the right technique and employing different strategies to deliver the best tennis. My children always feel stretched, encouraged and praised for their achievements. He encourages the children to participate in tennis competitions and reviews their game afterwards, pointing out their mistakes and targeting the following sessions at improving them. It gives the children a sense of achievement and as a result they love the tennis world! Albert is easily approachable and you as a parent feel well informed of your children’s progress. Above all Albert is an extremely honest, decent and caring person with good values. He develops these qualities in the children which we really value and appreciate.”
Professor Sebastian Johnston and Dr Téa Johnston

“Both my sons enjoyed a week of tennis at Bodyswot Tennis camp. They have not played much tennis and improved their technique as it’s a small group of children. Highly recommend the tennis camp; it’s fun for the children and run in the beautiful grounds of Royal Hospital Gardens. Will definitely do the camp again”
Sujata Din

“Having 1:1 sports sessions covering a range of sports from tennis, badminton, football and basketball including basic throw and catch have helped a 16-year-old young adolescent diagnosed with Autism to manage his behaviour better by choosing spontaneously to want to engage in exercise during his downtime. In addition, its helped with motor co-ordination skills involving hand-eye coordination. These sessions not only have helped my client with the physical aspect of engaging in such varied sports but have helped to increase his self-awareness in the wider community, giving him confidence to communicate with others in a public forum and to have the amazing opportunity to engage with other peers to help socialization! An amazing sports coach, would highly recommend for any age range wanting to learn such a varied range of sports to help enrich the quality of their life!”

I have been having lessons with Albert/Paolo, once a week, for just over a month, and my confidence in my game has increased beyond my imagination. I never realised it made so much difference to develop a proper technique, and I never thought I would be able to hit the ball so hard and still see it land in the court. Excellent!
Christopher Hall

“My daughter has been learning tennis for about 2 years now. She is thoroughly enjoying it and have made great progress in that time. Albert is very patient and my daughter is really looking forward to that hour of tennis. We are looking forwards to lots more lessons with Albert.”

“ALBERT/ PASCAL are very good teacher and has helped me improve aspects of my tennis through simple pointers to alter my strokes and avoid many bad habits I had developed over the years. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn or improve their tennis.”
Sian Daniel

“My partner and I have being coached by Bodyswot Tennis coaches twice a week the last two years. We were introduced to tennis not in a young age but Albert and Paolo managed to improve our skills rapidly. We both look forward to it each week. The sessions are fun and keep us fit. It’s a great sport and the private lessons help significantly our progression. Thank you Bodyswot Tennis for your help, patience and support.”

“I have known Albert and Paolo for the past 5 years in his capacity as a tennis coach and personal trainer. During that time, I have found him to be professional and reliable. He has demonstrated a high level of personal conduct in all of his dealings with me and with my children, whom he has also coached. Albert is friendly, hardworking, knowledgeable and operates to a top standard. I can highly recommend him.”
Anne Cortazzi

“Bodyswot Tennis Camps are very enjoyable, fun and improved my skills. My children have been attending their camps for the last 3 years and the coaches are enthusiastic, always encouraging and improve my children techniques.”
Lisa Mayer

“My daughter loves her tennis lessons with Bodyswot Tennis coaches. She was an absolute beginner, but she’s steadily improving and growing in confidence.”
Kate Gardiner